Environmental protection matters for us all…

That’s why we need tools that help us to do something good. Simple, fast and trouble-free.

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What is TreeMates?

We founded TreeMates to make sustainable reforestation as easy as possible for everyone. Just as Amazon established the concept of One-Click Checkout, our goal is to make One-Click Planting a reality in today’s e-commerce landscape. The reason? Because a single click and a few euros are all it takes to sustainably change our planet and counteract climate change.

That’s why we are joining forces with the world’s major reforestation organizations and developing a system that enables absolutely anyone to plant a tree. And to do so exactly where it is most urgently needed. Thousands of kilometers away from our comfort zone.

Wer steckt dahinter?

TreeMates is a non-profit organization based in Graz, Austria, which aims to generate donations for worldwide climate protection projects via online shops and e-commerce businesses. Development of the relevant online tools (TreeMates API, plug-ins etc.) is done by our partner, TRONIC.

Clemens Kroell
President, Founder
E. clemens@treemates.net

Elisabeth Holler
E. elisabeth@treemates.net

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