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We plant trees in places where it makes sense – which establishes livelihoods at the same time.

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The reforestation of the tropics is seen by scientists as the best means of combating climate change. The tropics are rightly called the lungs of our planet. Regional changes in these areas (e.g. through evaporation) also have a positive effect on the climate in the North, the regional economy, food security and the ecosystem in general.

This is why TreeMates currently works exclusively with certified organizations that implement projects in the critical regions of the world, and which involve the local population.

COBIGA – Rainforest of the Austrians/La Gamba

The COBIGA project of the La Gamba Tropical Station in Costa Rica (Rainforest of the Austrians) aims to vitalize a biological corridor between the Esquinas Forest and the Fila Cruces, a forested mountain ridge. The forest is currently interrupted by agricultural use areas and abandoned pastures.

The goal is reforestation and the purchase of land that is also to be used to maintain biodiversity and reduce CO2 by binding it long-term in biomass.

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Jane Goodall Intitute – Reforestation in Uganda

These reforestation projects in Uganda solve many problems: apart from planting trees, locals are involved, they teach what an intact forest looks like and why it is important for the local ecosystem and they are repsonsible for nursery, plantinung and recultivation.

We are always on the lookout for exciting projects related to trees. Just contact us!

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